Reflecting on reflection

There are problems with reflection. Seeped in the IB tradition, first through my children and now as an educator, I know that no matter how well it's disguised or re-engineered most students do not like reflection. In my own children, the response to me asking them about the reflection process resulted in one saying, "it's … Continue reading Reflecting on reflection

In finding the middle way

I recently read a beautifully illustrated version of “The Emperor’s new Clothes” with my Grade 2 classes during their library period. I can’t but help feeling like that little boy all the time, first astonished and puzzled whether I’m the only one to notice that there are no clothes, then worried that my vision is … Continue reading In finding the middle way

State of School Librarianship – Selected Asian Countries

Four of the speakers at the International Conference on School Librarianship of Asian Countries spoke about the "State of School Librarianship" in their relevant areas: James Henri - Australia Patrick Lo - Hong Kong, Shanghai, South Korea, Taipei and Japan Jong Sung Kim - South Korea Chao-chen Chen - Taiwan Since you are all perfectly … Continue reading State of School Librarianship – Selected Asian Countries

INF536: Critical Assessment

Looking back on this last semester, I can only sum it up by saying that change, beauty and progress in thought and learning is not only wrought by avalanche and volcano but also by the constant erosion by drops of water and bits of sand.  That combined with space and time. In the same way, this … Continue reading INF536: Critical Assessment

Design – Space, Thinking and Time (4)

September literally flew by, and I'm at the point of finishing up my final assessment for this course, and working on my critical reflection.  But first I wanted to critically reflect on where I was in my own library space. I'm expanding the LibGuides to better resource our curriculum and to supplement the gaps in the … Continue reading Design – Space, Thinking and Time (4)

Critical Reflection ETL401

In this course, what I have learnt in the library and information sphere is now placed in the context of the school library, which is where I hope to further my career. In doing so it has clarified and added detail to concepts such as the role of the teacher librarian (TL) and information literacy … Continue reading Critical Reflection ETL401

Assignment 3: Evaluative Report

Part 1: Online Learning JournalA separate tab for the Online Learning Journal (OLJ) was created on my blog: Informative Flights where readings and learning activities were documented throughout the session from 30 October 2013 to 26 January 2014. Part 2: Evaluative ReportDuring the semester many of the learning activities were interesting and eye-opening.  Prior to commencing … Continue reading Assignment 3: Evaluative Report