Picture books as a panacea?

I've always been a huge fan of picture books. I'm the librarian that will read "Maia and what Matters" to a group of Middle School teachers and struggle to continue through tears. I spend a reasonable chunk of my budget on picture books (or as some librarians like to refer to the "sophisticated picture books … Continue reading Picture books as a panacea?

The unbearable everythingness of being new

This is a post I couldn't write last year. Because I was new. I've just about spent half of my life being new in a country, city, job, school. A third of my life of newness ago I would have unabashedly blogged about the newness, heck, even 10 years ago I would have. Now its … Continue reading The unbearable everythingness of being new

Something’s off

In the last few weeks I've had a few teachers (middle school level) come to me with assignments of students asking me how they could check if they're plagiarised. At this level we only have access to Grammarly, not the supposedly more powerful Turnitin (prohibitively expensive). I like that teachers' have instincts and follow them. … Continue reading Something’s off

Does Activism require Power?

One of my most popular blog posts was "Advocacy is not enough we need power" and I still stand by that. Ironically enough in my new role I am teacher librarian slash Edtech integrator, and I like to joke with my colleagues who need anything from data to access to fixing an issue to equipment … Continue reading Does Activism require Power?

Empathy vs. emulate

I'm kind of partaking in an online (twitter) book group reading "Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World" by Maryanne Wolf. I say kind of, because I'm a couple of weeks behind the rest and not in the position to scramble to catch up. The latest letter considers the power of reading … Continue reading Empathy vs. emulate

I wish I didn’t have to welcome you

I'm part of this club that I never want to be in the position to welcome others to, and yet yesterday afternoon I had to admit yet another member. I don't even know what to call it - I don't want to name it - #metoo has connotations that I'd rather not introduce an 11 … Continue reading I wish I didn’t have to welcome you

The problems with imperfect information

This is a post I started writing earlier in the year that didn't get finished and am now revisiting as it's recruiting season again ... I'd also say to anyone - if you're thinking of moving - it's a really hard thing to do, particularly if you're happy where you are. However moving and change … Continue reading The problems with imperfect information

Learning and change

The phrase "life long learning" gets bandied around a lot, and today I'm going to write a little about just how much learning is involved in moving job, school section, country, and home. I left a country that was easy to live in (Singapore) and I job that I loved and was comfortable with for … Continue reading Learning and change

A little writing about writing

I threw down the gauntlet to my mentor, Katie Day last night. She who taught me all I know about being a teacher librarian in the weeks and months that I sat by her side while doing my MIS and part of my M.Ed before I was thrust into the world of a library of … Continue reading A little writing about writing