Between competition and cooperation

At the moment I’m busy setting up for Readers’ Cup season. And I have yet again a chance to think about the balance between competition and cooperation. This time in the light of having attended the AISC in Hong Kong in December (which I still need to write about) and and particularly having attended David Gleason’s session “At what cost?” (You can purchase his book … Continue reading Between competition and cooperation

Network, networking, social networking

As week 2 of my professional placement draws to an end I’m thinking more about this network thing.  Both now, and during my study visit I’m noticing more and more the difference between “networked” librarians and “non-networked” to put it a little crudely.  Of course, even the “non-networked” librarians are networked, in the “no (wo)man is an island” sense of the word, but its a question … Continue reading Network, networking, social networking

when the library is more than a library

In some ways libraries have never just been about the books or the building.  Even since the first libraries they’ve been about a certain idealism, a world view, a concept of teaching, learning, enquiry, culturalisation, what ever you may call it. So yesterday it shouldn’t have taken me by surprise with Ms. S asked me in a little bit of a panic what should be … Continue reading when the library is more than a library

Haves or have nots?

Library at Kuma Cambodia – no borrowing only reading onsite I’ve just spent 8 days in Cambodia on an extremely interesting services trip run by UWCSEA-East. During the time we were exposed to 5 of the Global Concerns that the school supports through its service program commencing in the infant school with Kuma Cambodia, Green Umbrella (grade 3), Epic Arts (grade 5) up to ISF (grade … Continue reading Haves or have nots?