Maths and beyond

A few weeks ago one Friday, just before our WEIRD (WAB Extended Independent Reading Day) there was a sudden surge in interest in maths books from our G8 students. Unfortunately a little further questioning revealed that it wasn't so much math books on demand as some kind of math text very specifically on quadratic equations … Continue reading Maths and beyond

Free voluntary (math) homework

I engaged in an act of (semi) academic dishonesty again last night.  It was a case of more of the "busy work" type math homework that resulted in repetitive plotting of co-ordinates on an x-y plane and then only on the positive parts of the plane in order to end up with a snoopy dog … Continue reading Free voluntary (math) homework

360 degree whiteboards

Reflecting back on the past week, I actually had an abundance of opportunities for professional development beyond the "daily grind" of my studies.  It's not really a daily grind, by my polymath brain does need a bit of light, or not so light or at least completely diverse and out of the box relief from … Continue reading 360 degree whiteboards