The unbearable everythingness of being new

This is a post I couldn't write last year. Because I was new. I've just about spent half of my life being new in a country, city, job, school. A third of my life of newness ago I would have unabashedly blogged about the newness, heck, even 10 years ago I would have. Now its … Continue reading The unbearable everythingness of being new

Learning and change

The phrase "life long learning" gets bandied around a lot, and today I'm going to write a little about just how much learning is involved in moving job, school section, country, and home. I left a country that was easy to live in (Singapore) and I job that I loved and was comfortable with for … Continue reading Learning and change

A nerd’s guide to moving house

A slight departure from my usual library and education pondering as we've yet again moved country and therefor house. My teenage son asked me the other day how many times we've moved in our lives, and we tried to start counting and then were going off on tangents like, "just countries, or while in countries?" … Continue reading A nerd’s guide to moving house