The Time

Time stretches endlessly when you're in confinement, and unlike say prisoners, there is no fixed schedule for anything. Unless you count our pavlovian response when we hear the rustling on the corridor that signals the twice daily temperature checks or the thrice daily deposit of our plastic containers with the rations for the meals. Work … Continue reading The Time

The suck line – choice or tatty towels?

D2. One of the things that has made coming back a little easier have been the many lovely positive messages from my colleagues. I wasn't sure what to write about today yet, when someone sent me this: "hope you are all settled in QT hotel. Is there a lot of restrictions? I hope you get … Continue reading The suck line – choice or tatty towels?

Channeling my inner PollyAnna / stoic

Today marks the first day of my 14+7 quarantine in Shanghai before I can return to Beijing. Unlike last year's 4 star hotel, I didn't strike lucky on the hotel jackpot this time, so I'm just focusing on what is good: the room is cleanno carpet (so no icky marks, hairs and other debris)nice viewAirconditioningkettle … Continue reading Channeling my inner PollyAnna / stoic

A nerd’s guide to moving house

A slight departure from my usual library and education pondering as we've yet again moved country and therefor house. My teenage son asked me the other day how many times we've moved in our lives, and we tried to start counting and then were going off on tangents like, "just countries, or while in countries?" … Continue reading A nerd’s guide to moving house