Until we make our own questions we are NOT embracing digital scholarship

Ok, I'll admit it right up front. I'm in a bad mood. I've had a tough week, with 2 days of staying at school until 8pm (with a 7am start so that I get all my thinking work in before the crush of students and teachers and action). I've been waking at 4am with ideas … Continue reading Until we make our own questions we are NOT embracing digital scholarship

Grouchy cynical educator

Why my current twitter feed is not working - it's one huge hug fest of "awesome educators" brimming with "positivity" and hugs. And asking questions for apps to track things that have no academic or learning legitimacy. And no one challenges them as to "why". It's the same in school - everyone is positive and … Continue reading Grouchy cynical educator

Rambling thought organisation

I need to write an interpretive discussion paper. I'm trying to organise my thoughts. My first and foremost thought is that writing this paper is in direct contravention to the topic of the paper, which is "Digital scholarship in education, in the context of interdisciplinary knowledge and research" - because my digital scholarship is leading … Continue reading Rambling thought organisation

Tricky timetabling in the library

Back to school for my classes tomorrow after the long 8 week summer vacation.  Teachers have been back a week and it's been a productive but quite busy week getting everything ready. Is one every really ready? Who knows what the year will bring. What combination of students and teachers and classes will evolve as … Continue reading Tricky timetabling in the library

Fortunate coincidence

After our leadership meeting this week I asked our principal what she thought of my various options for my case-study and which would be most beneficial and meaningful for the school.   By happy coincidence the senior leadership is looking at a number of things that tie in nicely with my ideas of what would … Continue reading Fortunate coincidence

Ever so slightly (very) intimidated

Since this is my M. Ed capstone course of course the bar has been set high for our final project - a case study. I've spent the week being intimidated - firstly reading the case-study research of other people, and then the Colloquium with Pip Cleaves - where my brain and my writing hand lost sync … Continue reading Ever so slightly (very) intimidated

Keeping our struggles silent and our successes public?

I’ve had the good fortune of starting this course during my vacation, which has allowed more reading and contemplation time than I’d usually have at the start of a course. As such, I’ve started reading the case studies of module 3, and would like to dwell a little on Using Blogging in Support of Teacher … Continue reading Keeping our struggles silent and our successes public?