New Course

Well another two weeks and I embark on my next course towards my M. Ed (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation). It looks like it’s going to be quite a ride!  This week we have a holiday for Chinese New Year, so I’ve been “printing” out my modules and saving them to Evernote and hopefully I’ll have the energy and inclination to get all my readings downloaded and stored as well in anticipation of March.

This time it is INF530 – Concepts and Practices for a Digital Age.

Even my blog(s) header(s) have been updated with a pretty picture I took in Myanmar.

Yup, we’re moving house AGAIN.  I’ve stopped even counting local moves and just count the trans-continental ones these days. It was the usual landlord games of wanting to hike up the rent in a falling market – between the landlord trying to increase the rent (no go, I just found a place at the same price – which was 30% cheaper than the advertised price), the school increasing school fees, and CSU increasing the university fees (46% from my MIS if you please …) without any salary increase and bonus freezes, it’s going to be a tight year.  But that leaves me with having to pack up, sort out and declutter before mid March – oh, and did I mention my inlaws arrive just after the move?  Luckily my MIL is an ace at helping me get sorted.

But decluttering is good. And necessary.  And even after 2 years we’ve accumulated stuff that can go.  So that’s what I’ll be doing in between getting my study life sorted.  

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