I’m not blogging and it’s for a reason. I’m still trying to clear out the detritus of a rather busy and stressful year. Most of it spent online. Part of that is to seriously consider each and every subscription that is creating a digital deluge in my inboxes. It’s disheartening as I unsubscribe or delete or just archive things that are great, well written, well thought out but where I just don’t have time to read.

So then I had a crisis of confidence that I’m just one more thing creating other people the same problem, and that’s had me reluctant to write.

I’ve cleared about 700 items from my personal email, and have another 260 to go. Professionally it’s worse with about 900 items unread – many of them emails to myself of things to follow up on, curate, add to libguides, etc. etc.  And that’s even after spending time every weekend culling at least a 100 emails at a time – AND it’s better since I’ve moved most of my communications with colleagues to microsoft teams.

Right – to make this worth your read – here is a link to the Summer Guide that I created with Stephen Taylor. It’s a reminder to our families of the many and rich resources we have and the fact that they continue to be available over the summer.

Summer guide

I have a list of things I want to blog about when I’ve cleared my mind and other clutter in my life, until then – a happy restful summer.

One thought on “Hiatus

  1. What a relief, Nadine – it’s not just me with >1000 unread messages cluttering up my Inboxes, not to mention all those put aside to read again, or read in full, later.

    What a super mini-site. Congratulations, you and Stephen.

    Enjoy your blogging. (Your posts are NOT among my unread or half-read posts. They always get read.)



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