Design – space thinking and time (2)

I can’t believe more than a week has flown by. As promised here is the next update …

Thanks to a maintenance misunderstanding I get to see just how big my space is

We can hold a party in here! Bring on the balloons!

I still haven’t managed to get to my whole “to do” list, but there has been some progress!  We’ve probably catalogued about 700 of the 1,000 chinese books that need to be catalogued – thanks to the fabulous collegial attitude of our chinese teachers who pop into the library during their free time and grab a pile and put the details in characters into a google spreadsheet that we can then copy and paste into Follett Destiny.  The end is in sight and the shelves are filling!

Next stop – Chinese Signage!

Still space for frontage … but perhaps not for long


Whiteboard mounted and in use

Pillars painted with database signs on them

“E” picture books consolidated into one isle to create space for a “J” isle

Junior fiction taken away from back shelving where boxes were on high shelves and hard to reach

Creation of the new “J” isle – all the serials we have!

Rearranging the deckchairs exposes how few “non-series” junior fiction books we have … oops!

Senior fiction off revolving shelves into containers (formerly cluttering my room)

Yay, I could give 2 of these bulky revolving bookcases and the magazine rack to a deserving classroom

Junior Graphic Novels in Junior section

“Older” students Graphic Novels and Picture books

And we get a new set of bookshelves to display poetry, plays and movement – letting in some more natural light.


And to crown a rather busy week, the author Sarah Brennan kindly donated some lesson time to an animated reading from her latest book to our G2. Bilingual class!

IMG_0639 IMG_0648


Still way too much to do, but we’re getting their slowly.  My long-suffering staff have been absolute troopers about arranging and rearranging shelves as I try to puzzle everything out!

One thought on “Design – space thinking and time (2)

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