What to read when

Bibliotherapy is a very specific branch of librarianship and one that I know very little about, although I’d like to know more.  I’ve always been of the opinion that no matter what the question, a book is nearly always the answer.  Even if it doesn’t provide all the answers or the right answers at least you know you’re not alone (and that there are people worse off than you).

In the last three days I’ve recommended “Crucial Conversations” to four different people, for different reasons.  I think it is a book that stands out in providing ways of tackling life’s grittier questions and confrontations that are necessary but often avoided because one doesn’t always know how to go about it without making a difficult situation even worse.  I also subscribe to their “crucial skills” newsletter which has some pretty good ongoing discussions. And every time I’m reminded how I fall short in reality!

There are a few other “go to” books that I always come back to when people ask me about issues with kids

Those are a few that spring to mind – anyone else have suggestions?

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