Professional Development

I’m really bad at keeping my professional development clocked, so decided to use this post to just put pretty pictures of my certificates in, so they’re all in one place when I need to refer to them!

Multilingualism Conference
Pre-conference Workshop
MAY 15 – 2015
Workshop: Eithne Gallagher – Equal rights to the curriculum: Promoting home languages in all classrooms – from theory to practice

Multilingualism Conference
MAY 16-17 – 2015
Sharing Workshop: Librarians
Presentation: Chasing the Chinese Dragon

Librarian’s Knowledge Sharing Workshop (LKSW)
FEBRUARY 6-7  2015
Shrewsbury International School
Presentation: Information Literacy – Beyond Search and Cite.

IL Seminar 2015 – We are teaching but are they learning?
JANUARY 29  2015
Singapore Management University (SMU)

Master in Information Studies
Charles Sturt University

The South East Asian School Librarian Connection
Sharing for learning, come and be in the room
NOVEMBER 21-22 2014
Renaissance College Library
Ma On Shan
Hong Kong 
Presentation: Digital Storytelling.

Information Literacy Job Alike Workshop (JAW)
NOVEMBER 7-8,  2014
Tanglin Trust School

Librarian’s Knowledge Sharing Workshop (LKSW)
FEBRUARY 21-22 2014
Juradong International School

LKSW Brunei February 2014

Follett Workshop

DECEMBER 7, 2013

Follett Workshop December 2013
Certificate in French June 2012

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