Module 4.1: What questions or answers do you have in relation to digital storytelling?

What questions (or answers) have formed in your mind in relation to digital storytelling? How does social media fit into the mix for you? What are the most important connections to learning overall?


I guess my prime question after watching these extracts of digital storytelling is: “how the heck do they do it?”

In some cases, like the twitterature it is obvious, But when I was watching “<a href=”; target=”_blank”>Welcome to PinePoint”</a> (Shoebottom and Simons, 2011) I really wanted them to tell me how to put something like that together, because it’s exactly the type of thing I’d like to do.

So I guess it’s that feeling of seeing something within grasp and realising its potential but not being able to catch hold of it and do something meaningful with it!

For me social media would be what I’d use to strew my “digital crumbs” and to leave me digital clues, as well as to provide a way for the audience to interact with the story, I particularly liked the summary of Locke & Ettinghausen on the 6 points of how we tell new stories;
1. Hide stories in unexpected places
2. Give yourself ridiculous constraints
3. Experiment outside your comfort zones
4. Invent a character without a storyline
5. Give fans stuff to play with
6. Create stories that people can binge on whenever they want” (Fora.TV, 2009)


Fora.TV. (2009, September 23). Once Upon These Times: New Stories for New Audiences [Video file]. Retrieved from
Shoebridge, P., & Simons, M. (2011). Welcome to PinePoint [Digital Novel]. Retrieved September 10, 2014, from

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