INF505 Library Services for Children and Youth

The entries in this section have been created as part of the requirements for a professional development blog for the course INF505 Library Services for Children and Youth.

Five activities out of the following list should be chosen:

  • Find, read and analyse a peer-reviewed journal article. (Most journals indicate they are peer reviewed somewhere in the submission information. If unsure check with a CSU librarian.) Observe and document a program delivered for children or young adults at a local library, reflect on the experience
  • Create and upload a virtual presentation for children or young adults (using any free or commercial tool, for example Snagit, Slideshare and so on)
  • Analyse and evaluate a website designed for children or young adults
  • Review an electronic resource for children or young adults or about delivering services to children or young adults
  • Write a book review (This could be a book for young people, or a book to support your professional practice. There may also be opportunities available to become book reviewers for journals.)
  • Interview a child and/or youth services librarian (virtually, or in person) and give a description and reflection of the interview
  • Attend and document a conference/workshop/presentation/event
  • Write an article for submission to a professional journal like those listed in the Text and Learning Materials section of the subject outline under “Journals.” (And submit if you wish, great for your professional profile!)
  • Engage in a forum, e-list or blog comment thread and write a review of its value, content and son on
  • Create a picture book (must be uploaded/available to view online) and describe the experience in your blog (How could you use the book or the creation process in library services for children and young adults?)
  • Learn how to use a new tool, software, or game, and write about your experience

Each post must be around 500 words long (2500 words in total) and MUST include:
A detailed description of the activity undertaken

Answers to the following questions:
  • What did you learn?
  • How was the activity relevant to your professional practice as a librarian for children or young adults?
  • Were any gaps in your knowledge revealed? How might you fill those gaps?

3 Discussion of the four topics below, in one or all of the posts, as long as each topic is covered once in the assignment
  • Censorship
  • Diversity
  • Young people’s book awards
  • Digital materials/resources and emerging technologies

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