Now that you have explored some examples of how libraries and the media make use of RSS to deliver updated information and the applications that can tailor and aggregate feeds for specific users, find two (2) additional examples of ‘RSS in action’, and develop a 350 word post to your OLJ on how RSS can enhance a library or information service’s ability to meet the information needs of its users.

In the library I currently work in we have a number of uses for the RSS feeds.  Particularly these are used to link the “physical” world to the “virtual” world.  

In the first instance, we have created a number of LibGuides for the International Baccalaureate students who are about to commence research for their Extended Essays.  Each guide has a number of sections, including books, journals, online resources etc.  The books section, makes reference to our physical shelf collection.  Then on our shelves we have created subject specific areas, clearly demarcated with shelf-signage, and on the signage is a QR code which leads back to the LibGuide of that specific subject. Here is a picture of the Development Economics section which leads back to the Development Economics LibGuide.


The second area where QR codes are used is to lead students from either a poster or a place-holder on the library shelf back to the library catalogue.  The picture shown is a large (i.e. 1m x 2m) poster which shows some books recommended for Grade 6 reading. The poster may be in the library or in the classroom or the grade corridor.  The QR codes will take the student back to the library catalogue where they can see whether the book is on-hand or out and make a reservation if necessary.  The books on the poster are also place in a separate shelf in the library, where the behind the multiple copies, the same picture and QR code appears, so if the books are all check-out, students can place a hold.

There are other uses as well, for example we have posters of books which have been turned into movies, and the QR code with a picture of the movie poster, will lead to the movie trailer on the one hand, and on the picture of the book to the library catalogue on the other.

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